Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year, new attitude - making affirmations

It's a new year!!! A new beginning!!! A breath of fresh air!!! 

At this slightly surreal time and with every end of a holiday I can't help feeling perturbed. Often I feel like my friend down here and the result is my partner suffers with my erratic bipolar behaviour. Sort of I love you my darling juxtaposed with I need to plan... why don't you understand! 

NO MORE!  It's high time I made a change and if your not moving forwards you are inevitably drifting backwards. I suppose what I am alluding to is your well being as a person doing a difficult job. The physical strain is easily visable; glasses for strained eyes, back pain from stooping and fatty deposits around the middrifts from the seemingly endless supplies of cake in the staffroom. However, what isn't easily seen is the tremendous assault teaching has on a person's mental health. Unrelenting pressure to fit everything in, an everyday circus performance and the ever threatening possibility that your better half at home will disown you, if you spend another 14 hour day tending to others needs. I shall not be dragged into mentioning all the traditional teacher moans about testing, ofsted, curriculum, or government. Needless to say these pressures take a toll on teachers and the only person you can you rely on is yourself. 

 So how to do it? Well something that is new to me is affirmations although I'm sure they are common place to most people.

I decided to look into these because of my partner who regularly takes them onboard. I was somewhat sceptical as I am a simple soul who is highly mistrustful and pessimistic abut new age mind techniques. However, this year I want to give them a try...

So what is an affirmation let's start there... 

The act or an instance of affirmingstate of being affirmed. The assertion that something exists or is true. Something that is affirmeda statement or proposition that is declared to be true. A confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment,decision, etc.

An affirming statement or affirmation is self designed to alter your pattern of thought.  Whether this works or not isn't for me to judge. But there certainly seems to be a massive following and some promising psychological research in favour. We've all heard the quote about being a radiator not a drain right? Well these just might help you become that radiator you all started out being when you entered the profession. Here is a great article to help you create yours: 

So here's mine

I have the best job in the world

Respect the ripples you can have on the future

You can handle anything that is presented to you there is no problem too big

Guide them to understand and learn from the children

 Love and accept the personalities

Learn yourself, everyday

Eat healthy as you possibly can

Sleep is a friend of productivity 

Children first, love of learning yes! curriculum and tests are only tools...

You are good at what you do

Make time for others and yourself