Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Pray tell - app review tellagami

I've got a beautiful app to review today. I've recently come across this fantastic and daily useable app. 

So what does it do? 

This app allows you animate a preprogrammed avatar. The avatars are easily customisable in what they wear and look like in appearance. Once you have your avatar looking acceptable you can programme text that a computer will read out or you can record your own voice over. The app recognises text and tries it's best to match speech with inflections and related movements. You can choose expressions to match your text as well. What's best is the ability to drop in images into the background or choose from set template designs. 

Here's a little demonstration just for you folks here
Draw backs?

So what are they I hear you ask? Well the speech takes a little getting used to and never quite sounds right. There's a little bit of fiddling to make it sound correct. Another minor annoyance is you can't change the background during the talk. Man that would be useful. But hey these really aren't big enough considerations to put you off. It's a talking avatar and your disposable and that's powerful!