Sunday, 28 February 2016

To the movies!!! - Lego Movie Maker App Review

Lego Movie Maker 

By now many teachers will be aware of the power of this little app. I love it! I use it every week with the children as it has such creative power. Best of it's free!!!!!

This has been around for many years now but it's worth putting this on all the iPads in your school immediately. Essentially, it allows you to take pictures and put them together to create animated videos. There are now many variants of this such as minecraft and many more. More than anything its crazy simple to use even for the most novice of users. The only downsides are the annoying "would you allow lego movie maker to enable camera". This can baffle even the most intelligent little soul. Nevertheless, you can make fantastic animated movies with sounds, music and effects. After the children have created their master pieces they can be downloaded to the camera roll and uploaded to a VLE, Googledrive or other date retrieval system. 

Uses in the curriculum 

I've used this for everything and even run my own stop go animation club. 

Here's a little list of ideas:

1. story telling
2. showing grow of plants in plasticine 
3. advertisements
4. recipe videos for non-food
5. silhouette stories
6. white board stop go

Hope this helps!!!

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